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Welcome to Lorna Gardner's own personal blogging website! :) full of quote, weekly blogs on my life - including mindfulness and mental health awareness, photography, my art and crafts and more..

I'll be doing twice weekly blogs on my life, my mental health, places I visit my new home, my job seeking - for marketing roles - SEO/blogs/website work/social media- I have 6 years marketing experience and love to work on SEO and blogs, also looking for work in local libraries, or admin based etc.

I have lovely two teens in my house, single Mum just moved three weeks ago today, need tips on how manage my garden and to decorate my lounge and porch area-  so please e-mail me or use the contact form.

I soooo love cats, birds, dolphins my three favourite animals, love going for walks to see flowers, trees, fossil beds even, ducks, geese, terrapins in pools/ponds, visit garden centres etc.. 

I love do paint, water colour, gouache, acrylic, paint markers on canvas, cards, A4 water colour paper and morew


Bird and nature lover :)

good morning from myself Redheadandlove it blogger/nature lover! having great week half term took my son fun fair and out to eat and...

28th may 2021

Good early morning to you all!! Sooo yesterday I started on the back garden, lots weeds, thorns to remove, right mess, overgrown bushes...